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Best Innovation sponsored by


  • USP

    • Idea, Uniqueness, Recognition of Need and consistent Innovation. Is the product/service itself innovative in any respect? Or is the business model? Or is the process of development? Or are the ways the product/service was marketed?

  • Innovative Business Concept

    • Complete Structure of the Concept like Business Plan, Finances, Organisation, Vision, Idea, Values, market analysis and market potential, Product, Price, Placement, Promotion is pictured.

  • Future Potential

    • Is the company innovative and sustainable and can the product/service be professionally produced and sold on a larger scale?



Best Marketing and Visual Presentation
sponsored by WU-Marketing Club



  • Trade Fair Stand

    • Consistency with the offer and company, overall appearance including the logo, design of the product/service and personal presentation

  • Communication and Materials

    • Consistency among the materials and communication channels, PR, Social Media, Website etc.

  • Demand/Target Group

    • Was the market analysis carried out, the market potential analysed or the target group defined (characteristics like age, earnings, region)?



Best Pitch sponsored by LOOKAUT


  • Relevance of content

  • Structure

  • Originality, Presentation Techniques




Best Overall Company sponsored by UniCredit Foundation


  • Highest sum of all awarded jury scores for JA Awards

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Sustainability Award sponsored by Notariat 


  • Supply Chain

    • The supply chain of the used materials can be traced down (e.g. Fair Trade), usage of natural raw materials, if possible from organic agriculture, material can be recycled, short routes of transportation, raw materials are regional

  • Production and usage

    • Low level of the overall usage of material, packaging, energy when producing, minimal usage of resources, short transportation routes (used also as a value and selling point in the business concept)

  • Sustainability and impact

    • Durability / longevity and avoidance of harmful materials. Packaging: avoidance of waste, recycling is possible


Sales Award sponsored by Avanade


  • Proactive communication 

    • Active involvement of potential costumers

  • Understanding of customers' needs

    • Dealing with and answering of questions in a respectful dialogue 

  • Successful sales

    • Sales could be made through effective consultancy



Alumni Leadership Award sponsored by 



  • Leadership

  • Innovation

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Team Spirit


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